Bercy Madness!

The 29th Bercy Supercross went off with a bang last weekend with close racing, surprise wins, and of course Barcia going nuts on a French guy on his own soil. Unfortunately I was not able to attend the race since it was over seas, but from the sounds of it, it was one race that no one should have missed.

To start off, lets get this Barcia V.S. Gregory Aranda out of the way. If you have not seen the video yet, you can find it on and mostly every other moto site out there. But from the looks of things, Barcia took the raw end of the deal on a pile up in the beginning of Saturday night’s race. Understandably Barcia was extremely frustrated with this, as he crashed on Friday night as well and was not able to obtain his King of Bercy title. What I do not understand is his freak out. Barcia waited a full lap to take out Aranda then started a fight with him off the side of the track (which he ran away from). Now I am a huge Barcia fan, and sadly this incident not only ruined Aranda’s race but also Barcia’s reputation and possibly his international fan base as seen when French fans booed Barcia out of the arena. To some, it looks like Aranda was an innocent victim to Alessi pushing out wide, but to Barcia that was not the case.  Barcia would come back on Sunday to take a win, but the deed was done and the fight was more memorable then his victory. This incident made headlining news for most sites, but what most moto fans did not realize is the amazing speed that was displayed in Bercy.

I have always had this theory that the new Yamaha 450 is not the greatest bike they have ever made, and in the past two races Nick Wey has fueled the fire to this theory. Before I say this I want it known that I think Valli Motorsports is a great team and has all of the potential in the world, but when Nick Wey rode the Yamaha 450 for them, it seemed as if he was about ready to hang it up. Fast forward to the Monster Cup where NYK was on a privateer Kawasaki riding better then ever, and if that was not enough he logged in the fastest lap times in Bercy with 40.452! Is his newfound speed a fact of NYK not agreeing with the Yamaha? Did he suddenly find some hidden inner speed? Is the 2012 Kawasaki that good? Or is this all a fluke? I guess we will find out come Anaheim 1.

Saving the best for last…. What is up with Kyle Chisholm!? Coming to Bercy with no ride, a stock Yamaha with only bolt on suspension and a pipe, and his dad as his mechanic, Chisholm had all the cards stacked against him. Going against some of the world’s fastest factory riders, Chisholm was able to put together consistent moto finishes with a 2-1-3 to take the overall King of Bercy crown. With this much speed on a stock Yamaha, could a team possibly open their eyes and give this “Say Yes to the Dress” star a ride for 2012!

Its quiet for motocross in America, and Bercy is one of the legendary races that moto fans love every year to bring the action, luckily this year did not disappoint. Racing was close and drama was high making moto fans even more excited for January. Can Anaheim come any faster?

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My name is Andrew Forgy. I am a San Jose State Journalism student and an obsessive motocross fan. Racing has been in my family since my Grandfather and I have been obsessed with the sport and history of the sport my entire life. I received my first subscription to RacerX Magazine when I was 12-years-old and since then I have wanted to become a journalist in the industry. In this blog I will cover current American motocross news and results, as well as some local Bay Area/Nor Cal motocross. Enjoy!

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  1. Great write up! Keep them coming!

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