Two Perspectives: The Barcia Breakdown

As a reigning champion you hold a certain responsibility. Sponsors, fans and especially kids are consistently watching your every action in how you handle certain situations in life and in racing. This is a responsibility that most take seriously, but in the heat of the moment Justin Barcia lost his cool.

On the final lap of the Houston Lites main event Barcia crossed lines with privateer Lance Vincent in the air, sending both riders hard to the ground. This crash cost Barcia the race win, but he was still able to finish second behind Ken Roczen, creating no damage to the Geico Honda rider’s points lead.

Those who watched the race got to witness a moto melt down following the conclusion of the race. Barcia would roost Roczen (who had nothing to do with the incident), then would ride over to the injured Vincent and give him a very angry piece of his mind. Barcia would follow up his irrational freak out with a solid doughnut sending a spray of Texas roost not just on Vincent, but some Asterix Medical crew members as well. And finish up the night expressing his frustration on the podium with a tear in his eyes.

The AMA would fine Barcia $5,000 (mainly for roosting Asterix personnel) and would have loads of apologies to his fans and sponsors. But lets take a look at the other side and ask; would you have lost your cool?

With a perfect race under way it looked as if Barcia would be the third Lites rider in history to have repeated wins at Houston SX, joining Kevin Windham and Christophe Pourcel, until a mistake was made that should have never happened.

It is a lapped riders responsibility to pull to the side and let the race leaders safely pass by when the blue flag is being waved. From one perspective, Lance Vincent failed to do so and still tried to pace with the leader. He then collided with Barcia’s line (who was clearly in front Vincent) taking both of them out.

So who is in the wrong? Yes, Barcia let his emotions take the best of him, causing him to act out like a three-year-old who just got their favorite toy taken away; but is it his fault for the crash? Should he get the fine of the full $5,000 and Vincent be fined nothing for ignoring the blue flag? Either way the deed is done and Barcia will most likely go on his way to win his second consecutive Lites Supercross Champion; but I do have a feeling this wont be the last time we see a Bam Bam Barcia scuffle.



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My name is Andrew Forgy. I am a San Jose State Journalism student and an obsessive motocross fan. Racing has been in my family since my Grandfather and I have been obsessed with the sport and history of the sport my entire life. I received my first subscription to RacerX Magazine when I was 12-years-old and since then I have wanted to become a journalist in the industry. In this blog I will cover current American motocross news and results, as well as some local Bay Area/Nor Cal motocross. Enjoy!

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