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Townley Down….. Again

Well, it looks as if the black evil injury cloud has struck again with its furious lightning, this time paying a visit to its dear old friend Ben Townley.

Ben Townley had dislocated his hip in a crash at the second round of the Australian MX Series. Townley would update the industry and his fans through his Twitter stating, “For everyone asking, my hip is back in place, but I need surgery to repair it as it’s a bit of a mess. Will update when there is more news.”

Though sadden, I was not surprised by this news. The extremely talented New Zealand rider could have been a favorite coming into the 2012 outdoor championship riding for Chad Reed’s TwoTwo Motorsports team, but in the back of everyone’s mind was if he can last a full series with no injuries.

Injuries are an unfortunate part of the sport and a part that Ben Townley knows all too well. We wish Townley a speedy and full recovery so we can see the Kiwi battle upfront this summer.

Just Another Trend?

Whether it is going organic, posting a retro picture on Instagram, riding a fixed gear bike or even playing a little “draw something”, social media has made it easier for people to find out what is cool and trendy and making it easier to secretly become a little more “hipster.”

So where does motocross fit in to this? Is there such a thing has being a hipster motocross rider, and is social media and the growth of the Internet presence from the industry making it easier to follow the newest moto trends?

Trends have been a force in motocross since the beginning and it is hard not to recognize some of them in the current state of the sport. Retro gear, goon-riding, and Barcia-styled rev outs have been just some of the recent trends of the past few years with the general moto public; and if you say you have not tried any of these, you are lying.

Recently there has been a growth in popularity of an old sound/smell. One that most riders grew up with but forgot after a growth in motorcycle technology. That subject I am talking about is the two-stroke.

Yes, the two-stroke is seemingly making a comeback. Many pros are buying them again (at least as play bikes), promoters are creating classes just for two-strokes, and they are popping up at more practice tracks, not just as woods weapons. But why is this? Why are people leaving their powerful/easy-to-ride four-strokes for a bike with inferior technology that is harder to ride?

Before you start to think that this is just another article about how two stokes are cheaper, lighter, and more fun (even though they are); it is not about that at all. For now I am only going to ask the simple question, could it be that motocross riders are just like the general public and buy into what is cool and trendy online?

When MXPTV began to put out two-stroke videos in the later half of the decade, it was rare and down right awesome to see the bikes racing again. And when Jimmy Decotis and Moto Limelight put out their edit of the Geico Honda rider (then privateer) shredding on his cr125, the two-stroke went viral.

Seemingly every motocross fan has heard of or seen the video by now, skyrocketing the video to almost one million views. Darryn Durham increased moto fan’s interest in the bikes when he dropped his video of Durham shredding his Eleven10 Mods cr125, leaving fans saying, “I want to shred a 125 like that!”

So where does this trend go? Will we continue to see select professionals trying to qualify aboard the two-stroke much like Ricky Renner? Will the public go back to the hard to ride two-stroke and realize they do not have the skill or patience to ride the bike? Or will we continue to see huge smiles on the faces of the new owners of the two cycle machines.

One thing is for sure trends are going to be apart of motocross forever. We participate in one of the coolest sports out there (journalists are not suppose to show opinion so that has to be a fact), and people are constantly trying to make it cooler. If the two-stroke is just another “trend” so be it, I know I am stoked with my recently purchased cr125 and I can’t get enough of that black and yellow JT Racing retro gear!




….Incase you live under a rock

Two Perspectives: The Barcia Breakdown

As a reigning champion you hold a certain responsibility. Sponsors, fans and especially kids are consistently watching your every action in how you handle certain situations in life and in racing. This is a responsibility that most take seriously, but in the heat of the moment Justin Barcia lost his cool.

On the final lap of the Houston Lites main event Barcia crossed lines with privateer Lance Vincent in the air, sending both riders hard to the ground. This crash cost Barcia the race win, but he was still able to finish second behind Ken Roczen, creating no damage to the Geico Honda rider’s points lead.

Those who watched the race got to witness a moto melt down following the conclusion of the race. Barcia would roost Roczen (who had nothing to do with the incident), then would ride over to the injured Vincent and give him a very angry piece of his mind. Barcia would follow up his irrational freak out with a solid doughnut sending a spray of Texas roost not just on Vincent, but some Asterix Medical crew members as well. And finish up the night expressing his frustration on the podium with a tear in his eyes.

The AMA would fine Barcia $5,000 (mainly for roosting Asterix personnel) and would have loads of apologies to his fans and sponsors. But lets take a look at the other side and ask; would you have lost your cool?

With a perfect race under way it looked as if Barcia would be the third Lites rider in history to have repeated wins at Houston SX, joining Kevin Windham and Christophe Pourcel, until a mistake was made that should have never happened.

It is a lapped riders responsibility to pull to the side and let the race leaders safely pass by when the blue flag is being waved. From one perspective, Lance Vincent failed to do so and still tried to pace with the leader. He then collided with Barcia’s line (who was clearly in front Vincent) taking both of them out.

So who is in the wrong? Yes, Barcia let his emotions take the best of him, causing him to act out like a three-year-old who just got their favorite toy taken away; but is it his fault for the crash? Should he get the fine of the full $5,000 and Vincent be fined nothing for ignoring the blue flag? Either way the deed is done and Barcia will most likely go on his way to win his second consecutive Lites Supercross Champion; but I do have a feeling this wont be the last time we see a Bam Bam Barcia scuffle.



Meet Tyler Villopoto

Cast under the enormous shadow of his superstar older brother, most had never heard of this stylish up-and-coming racer. Recently Tyler Villopoto has found more confidence, speed and drive to push forth in his dreams of becoming a professional motocross racer. Check out this short video from Crazy Money Productions of Tyler talking about his family life, his new team and his goals for the future.


World News: Zach Osborne Injured

Is it just me, or does 2012 have the unfortunate theme of reminding us that you can never bet on the sport?

Reported by a British publication, American rider Zach Osborne was involved in a practice crash early this morning injuring his collarbone, wrist and ribs. This horrible incident could possibly make it so Osborne will not compete in the first round of the world GP series hindering his chances at the World Championship.

Osborne has looked better than ever coming off a couple podium-finishes in the West Coast Supercross Lites series, and was an American favorite to contend for the World Championship.

We wish Osborne a speedy recovery and wish him luck in the World Championships.

Urban Offroad

Though this is a primarily Supercross and Motocross based blog, I am a huge offroad fan. I found this video this morning on the twostrokemotocross Facebook page  and felt the need to post this amazing video. Enjoy!


Townley to TwoTwo

Big news from Chad Reed’s TwoTwo Motorsports released last night confirming that New Zealand’s Ben Townley will join the team for the 2012 AMA Motocross Nationals.

Though there are mixed feelings from various fans and journalists, I am personally excited. Townley has an amazing amount of speed and the talent to battle up front for the championship like he did in 2007 against reigning Motocross champion Ryan Villopoto.

Originally signed by Factory Honda for a 450 ride after his Lites career, consistent injuries made it so fans could never see Townley’s full potential on the bike. Townley will be riding the same bike as Chad (Reed) for the outdoors, putting the talented outdoor specialist once again aboard a factory Honda.



Here is the official press release










What the…. Indianapolis Lites Main Event

On March 17, 2012 Supercross fans experienced a first in Supercross history; a very weird yet exciting first.

After an amazing start, KTM’s Ken Roczen took an early lead. A poor jump off the gate would leave undefeated points leader, Justin Barcia, back in 8th place and it looked as if Roczen would have the race in the bag until a little some unfortunate luck had struck.

On lap 5 the race was red flagged due to a painful crash by Star Valli Yamaha’s Kyle Cunningham. The restart was extremely unfortunate for Ken Roczen who was going for his first win of the season, and especially weird for rides and fans.

According to the AMA rulebook, if a race is red flagged after 3 laps then the restart will happen with a staggered start according to the position where the rider was during the red flag. This was a first in Supercross history, excited for both riders and fans and seemed to be a lucky break for Justin Barcia who found this as his second chance to win the main event.

Right off the start, Barcia began to make moves but because of the style of start Roczen looked to have been running away again with the lead. Roczen would make a huge mistake sending his bike into the air without a pilot and saying goodbye to his hopes of winning.

Rockstar Suzuki’s Blake Wharton would take over the lead and never look back. It would be not only Suzuki’s first win of the season, but also Wharton’s first win since 2009. Bam Bam Barcia has been stopped but he is still winning the war, holding a commanding lead over the field in championship points.

Next week the series moves North of the border to Toronto, Canada. Will Roczen get his win redemption? Can Wharton repeat? Or will Barcia prove that last week was just a hiccup in his 2012 domination?


Practice Time With Weeck And Canada

After an impressive showing as a privateer racer at last year’s Outdoor National series stop in Washougal, Washington, Tommy Weeck had the industry talking. The seemingly unkown rider was signed to the Motoconcepts team for the 2012 East Coast Lites Championship.

Injuries have held the Washington native back from his full potential, but he is thinking positively and looking to improve his results.

Here is a clip of Weeck talking about the traitorous Daytona Supercross along side his increasingly successful teammate, Jake Canada, as well as a little Supercross riding from the teammates.


Bam Bam Unbreakable

Two races down and we are already asking, “Can anyone stop Barcia?” It is no secret that Barcia is fast, fearless and a little crazy; so when it came time for 2012 season to kick off, many people were putting there money on Barcia to run upfront.

After proving he was here for another championship by taking the first win in Dallas, Barcia rolled into Atlanta with even more confidence that his speed could possibly be unmatched by his fellow Lites riders. A mistake in the heat race would put the lightning fast Honda rider to the ground, giving speculation that the third year Lites rider is going back to his over aggressive ways….. Yeah that thought was wrong.

Barcia would pull the holeshot and lead every lap of the main event with consistent form, proving his maturity. Barcia would not only extend his points lead, but would also become the fourth rider in history to repeat wins in Atlanta aboard the Lites bike.

With a limited amount of races in the East Coast Lites series, Barcia has found himself with a great head start above the competition for the championship. His maturity and speed have proven to be untouchable but with teammate Justin Bogle, contender Blake Baggett and Texan Blake Wharton on the charge; will Barcia be able to go undefeated?




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